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31 Aug ’12

Ai Shinozaki – Young Animal Shots

The latest issue of Young Animal Magazine has released a set of cute idol Ai Shinozaki’s 篠崎愛 photos, even though these photos have been heavily photoshopped. Check them out anyway if you’re interested in Ai Shinozaki and Japanese gravure idols! ;)

Ai Shinozaki’s Red Flava links: Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Articles Profile


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Written by: Nia
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  1. sep

    yeah too much photoshop
    but still cute

  2. syke

    Can we say got milk?

  3. T

    Not more photoshopped than all korean photoshoots. Geez what’s the hating against Japanese idols. They created this field from which you are receiving money today. I know you won’t add this comment so I will go ahead and say that you are one b*****d biased dude or a a retarded little brain-washed japanese-hater b***h. Stop dissing Japanese models or you are going to lose more than donations. Your rank went from the 70ks to 80ks in a week. That’s how important you are on the web. Try to post positively about everyone or don’t about them. Eventually everyone will get tired of you slow ass biased blog.

    • Jake

      Mm, this comment is a little unfair. I don’t think Red Flava is biased. They’re just pointing out about how the photographer edited the photos, doesn’t sound like they hate Japanese idols, otherwise they wouldn’t have posted their photo shoots at all. I’ve read far more praises from Red Flava for Japanese idols rather than hate comments. In fact, I’ve never seen any hate comments from Red Flava…

    • Nia

      I’m sorry if I have offended anyone. I’m not against Japanese idols or any other models. I have chosen Ai Shinozaki to be featured on Red Flava because she is one of my favourite gravure idols. I like all the models featured on our site and many more that I still haven’t had the time or chance to post about. This site shows our appreciation for Asian beauty.

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