8 May ’12

43 Things You’ll Only See In China

1. Outfit this sexy:

2. Schoolgirls this obsessed with stuffed toys:

3. A tiger on a leash taking pictures with a baby:

4. Crocodiles for sale at Walmart:

5. Sharks for sale at Walmart:

6. Giant racks of meat for sale at Walmart:

7. Stacked sausages for sale at Walmart:

8. A hotel shaped like a ping pong paddle:

9. Among a group of uniquely shaped buildings:

10. A water park this crowded:

11. A pool this crowded:

12. A beach this crowded:

13. A jacket with a fake scarf:

14. Headphones like this:

15. Students this hard-working preparing for exams while being sick:

16. Old/new style toilet options:

17. This meal:

18. This meal:

19. And this meal:

20. Award winning chicken:

21. Photocopies of originals for sale at bookstores:

22. Batman toys like this:

23. Foreigners this kind sharing food with beggars:

24. Trucks upon trucks upon trucks upon trucks:

25. Multiple TVs on the back of a scooter:

26. Some dude taking a nap on a chain:

27. Awesome signs like this made by the local police station:

28. A scooter with this much sass:

29. People this passionate about peanut butter:

30. Magical drug stores:

31. This:

32. Grain condoms:

33. A cat with wings:

34. And a pig that can walk on two legs:

35. KFG:

36. OFC:

37. Starbucks… but for tea:

38. Posters of monkeys with human heads:

39. Pandas doing manual labor:

40. A duck on a leash:

41. Cheese babies:

42. Banana babies:

43. Donald Duck selling duck heads:

Source: BuzzFeed Mop

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Written by: Nia
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  1. C3q3q3q

    lol some crazy stuff for sure

  2. frank

    madness! the top ones are shocking, middle funny, bottom speechless. lol.

  3. jadi pengen ke china cuci mata

  4. pinkfloyd

    not really funny. gross, probably. not suitable for RedFlava, which dedicates to cheer visitors up.

  5. Condom

    Why the hell do they sell a whole shark in the market xDDDDD
    I lol hard though…really nice post ^^

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