19 May ’12

“Super Cool” Bras For Japanese Women

The Japanese have designed some of the weirdest things in the world, from man bras, hi-tech headgear Necomimi with cats’ ears, to now what they call “Super Cool Bra”. As a branch of the international lingerie manufacturer Triumph, Triumph Japan has unveiled a novel concept of “Super Cool” bras with refrigerated cooling gel pads, promising to keep Japanese women cool during the hot summer months. Triumph Japan has even hired models to demonstrate their newest concept, with the girls wearing what it appears to be a pair of small fish tanks.

The Super Cool bras can be worn with skirts made out of mosquito nets and bamboo sheets (see picture below). The bras are not literally just cups; they are said to come with several useful items which help to cool Japanese women down even more by utilizing all five of the human senses. The build-in wind chimes that come with them, for instance, are believed to produce a refreshing sound, which the wearer can use along with mini portable fans and even refreshing mints. Wondering what else is included in the “Super Cool” pack? A tiny bamboo ladle, which the wearer can splash water on herself if she wishes!

Has the Japanese lingerie market gone mad? No, not yet, not until the Super Cool bras are actually for sale in the Japanese market. Triumph Japan only hopes to use the new concept bra to raise public awareness of the growing energy crisis. And even if they are for sale, we wonder how many Japanese women would buy them. Once on sale, the Super Cool bras might even make it to the global lingerie market. If there is such a demand, it would not be too difficult since Triumph is already an international success.

Source: WeirdAsiaNews

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