8 May ’12

102 Weird And Bizarre Shoes

Here is a long list of the weirdest and craziest shoes that’s ever been designed in the creative industry of footwear. These killer shoes have their own unique names too, such as foot gloves, scenery shoes, the Iron Lady shoes, the nude shoes, leggings shoes, gadget shoes, car shoes and CD player shoes, etc. Are they really wearable though? Not so much I’m afraid, especially not some just by the look of it. Fashionable feet always come with a price, but how far can the industry’s creativity go? Get ready to find out for yourself!

Source: Mop SmashingLists

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Written by: Nia
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  1. XD

    the one with the shooting arrow really makes me laugh i dont know why

  2. archie11

    wtf creativity go wrong i guess?

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