8 Feb ’12

Most Popular Korean Models 2011

Red Flava’s Most Popular Korean Models 2011:

More Photos Of Korean Models Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

1. Cha Sun Hwa 차선화
2. Kim Ha Yul 김하율
3. Heo Yun Mi 허윤미
4. Hwang Mi Hee 황미희
5. Im Ji Hye 임지혜
6. Lee Eun Hye 이은혜
7. Ryu Ji Hye 류지혜
8. Park Hyun Sun 박현선
9. Choi Byul I 최별이
10. Ju Da Ha 주다하

No. 1. Cha Sun Hwa (Profile) (Gallery)

No. 2. Kim Ha Yul (Profile) (Gallery)

No. 3. Heo Yun Mi (Profile) (Gallery)

4. Hwang Mi Hee (Profile) (Gallery)

5. Im Ji Hye (Profile) (Gallery)

6. Lee Eun Hye (Profile) (Gallery)

7. Ryu Ji Hye (Profile) (Gallery)

8. Park Hyun Sun (Profile) (Gallery)

9. Choi Byul I (Profile) (Gallery)

10. Ju Da Ha (Profile) (Gallery)

More Photos Of Korean Models Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. XD

    they’re too cute!!!!!!

  2. lee

    Korean models are my muses. Support Korean models forever.

  3. Lefty

    Ryu is so cute..

  4. James

    After looking at the other two Top Tens, it came to me that I like this one better. I think it has to do with these girls are sexy, hot, and wearing more clothes(believe it or not). Just enough to say I’m conservative but still hot. I think that is sexy. I love this Top Ten, I love Cha Sun Hwa but I’m also going to love browsing these other girls they are so sexy.

  5. Vnod

    too much preety with gorgeous looks…

  6. Jassum

    DARUN HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sando

    I just swallowed my mucus … Lee Eun Hye Wow. Marry me ))

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