17 Aug ’12

Thin vs Voluptuous – Which Do You Prefer

We post about a lot of different models on, each with different types of bodies. But usually you can separate them into models who are thin, which fit into the supermodel category of beautiful and models who are more voluptuous and curvy which fit more into what a lot of people see as the ideal woman, because of childbearing ability and sex appeal.

There has been a lot of discussion about what the best role model for women is, to be thin, athletic without extra fat, which is considered difficult to attain by many; or to have the body type you are genetically disposed to having, something more curvy.

Personally both types are beautiful to me, but a lot of people have a solid preference on one or the other, and actively pursue one type.

Many people prefer the curvy look because of the larger breasts and ass which catch the eye. Conversely some people consider any fat to be unsightly and prefer prominent bone structure, thin waists, and thin legs to be the most ideal features of a woman. It is kind of interesting that these two views of women are currently battling each other in society. Although the two ideas often mix too, many thin models still try to achieve a cleavage with push-up bras, and many curvy models try to attain a thin waist to achieve the hourglass figure.

So what do you prefer, thin or voluptuous?

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Written by: Flava
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  1. GM

    wow me too all of them are super hot to me :D

    • Nina

      The voluptuous girls in the photos looked sexier than the thin girls but I think the perfect girl is the best of both. Nice sized breast, thin waist, nice sized hips and butt, thighs that are not too big and long slim arms and legs.

      To me girls like: Li Ying Zhi, Ai Shang Zhen, Zhang Wan You and Jin Mei Xin have bodies that are the best of both.

  2. Nia

    The angles really make a big difference.

  3. edgardo castillo


  4. Alex

    What’s that girls name With the pinkish bikini on the left. if you go down six you’ll know what I’m talking about I’ve been looking for her forever, I forgot her name I would appreciate it If you tell me.

  5. Alex

    And the one with purple and black bikini

  6. Alex

    Thank you so much for your help

  7. Shay

    Notice how the left column is nearly all Chinese models, and the right is nearly all Japanese? Chinese guys prefer skinny, Japanese guys like boobs? Just a couple of Korean girls on the right – they’re mostly in between.

  8. Mike t

    Who is 10 on the right?

    I like em with curves but thinner models tend to have legs that go forever. I love em both.

  9. hanktimus

    the only thing i have to say is the voluptuous has bigger boobs but bigger isn’t always better in my view i like the beauty in smaller breasts and the form

  10. Mikeyt

    I love them both. When I went to Japan, is when I found a new love of Asian ladies. Then Kpop got me into Korean.. now, well, Redflava has given me a new appreciation for the large breasted Japanese girls.

    Never liked them before. Now, I quite do.. :)

    Anyone know who the girl is in the ad with the giant ones? Purplish bikini? It’s an ad for a porn site, but, more curious as to who the girl is.

    • Jee

      That’s Aoi Sora, quite a popular Japanese Adult Video star :D

    • Flava

      Do you mean the ad on our front page where it says, “Click here watch now”?

      I think that is Hitomi Tanaka, but I’m not 100% sure since I’ve not found that picture anywhere with her name labelled on it.

  11. Cottle

    Gotta say, voluptuous is much better for me. I like both but I’m not gonna lie, looking at the pics it’s pretty obvious which column has more effect on me.

  12. Darío

    Me gustan delgadas (Thin) pero si son Orientales no importa demasiado si son gorditas (Fat)

  13. Jovan Younker

    Im going to have to say voluptuous !!! Skinny girls are ok but real women have curves !!!

  14. Chris

    Cant beat the ‘thin’ look, is so sexy! I love Japanese girls too with the voluptuous look, but would choose and thin, cute and sexy girl anyday! ;-)


    They are all hot and sexy girls,how can you choose

  16. Japanese Lover

    Mai Nishida for the win!!

  17. Jim

    The correct answer is YES! :)

  18. l

    I like both just fine

    but I guess i would choose a women with a body some where in the middle of those two extremes

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