6 May ’12

Tasha – Cool Diablo III Cosplay

If you’re interested in what follows: cosplay, Diablo 3, Spiralcats, Tasha, Miyuko, Hotaru Inaba or Trixie Foxx, get in the post and check out these awesome Diablo 3 cosplay photos from Tasha, one of the most popular cosplayers in Asia. Tasha is from South Korea, and she has produced a series of fantastic cosplay sets. The second cosplayer here is Miyuko, portraying the character Trixie Foxx. Enjoy today’s Diablo 3 cosplay!

Click here for more photos of Cool Cosplay

More cosplay sets from Tasha:

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  1. cc

    awesome cosplay i have to say

  2. hoshi

    tasha is one of the a fan already. ^__^

  3. bon-chan

    mother of cosplay o.O

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