16 Apr ’12

Korean Pop Music Videos 2012

It’s about time we do a music post for K-pop fans. ;) Instead of making a Top Asian Music chart for this month, we feel like doing something different for a change. Here are several music videos from popular Korean girl groups and boy bands, along with music posters and bullet points.

You’re welcome to share your thoughts and comments at the bottom of the post. Meanwhile, Enjoy! :)

Korean Boy Band:


Hangul: 비에이피
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Labels: TS Entertainment (South Korea)
Genres: K-pop, Hip-hop, R&B
Years Active: 2012 – present

B.A.P – Warrior 워리어

Reason to watch:

  • Cool underground setting
  • Great choreography
  • Amazing special effects
  • Good vocals and rap
  • Awesome outfits
  • Catchy lyrics

Bonus element(s): graffiti

Current views: 3,440,622

Korean Girl Group:


Hangul: 포미닛
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Labels: Cube Entertainment (South Korea)
Genres: Pop, dance-pop, electropop
Years Active: 2009 – present

4Minute – Volume Up

Reason to watch:

  • Exotic western setting and creative concept
  • Great cinematography
  • Sexy costumes and gowns
  • Good smokey eye makeup and overall styling

Bonus element(s): girl power

Current views: 2,565,835

Korean Boy Band:


Hangul: 빅뱅
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Labels: YG Entertainment (South Korea)
Genres: K-pop, Hip-hop, R&B, dance-pop
Years Active: 2006 – present

BigBang – Fantastic Baby

Reason to watch:

  • Interesting futuristic setting
  • Bold and creative styling
  • Catchy beats and lyrics
  • Fierce and edgy hairstyles and colours
  • Awesome makeup and unique fashion

Bonus element(s): storyline

Current views: 15,869,972

Korean Girl Group:


Hangul: 씨스타
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Labels: Starship Entertainment (South Korea)
Genres: K-pop, Pop, R&B
Years Active: 2010 – present

Sistar – Alone 나혼자

Reason to watch:

  • Attention-grabbing background
  • Exciting nightlife scenes
  • Sexy falsetto
  • Graceful choreography with sexy moves
  • Elegant dresses and gorgeous overall styling

Bonus element(s): red lipstick

Current views: 2,604,390

Korean Girl Group:


Hangul: 쇼콜라
Origin: Seoul, South Korea
Labels: Paramount Music Entertainment (South Korea)
Genres: K-Pop, electropop, R&B
Years Active: 2011 – present

Chocolat – One More Day (ft. X-Cross’s Sung Hyo Ram) 하루만더

Reason to watch:

  • If you’re up for a touching-but-not-so-slow song
  • Pretty new faces
  • Simple but sexy chair dance
  • Hot outfits and styling
  • Great/catchy chorus

Current views: 657,169

Do you like the videos in this article so far? We’re not finished yet. Three more videos for anyone who has not seen them before: Girls’ Generation’s two performances and a sexy dance from Yuri, HyunA and GaHee.

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – The Boys on Late Show With David Letterman

Girls’ Generation [Dance] – Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl & Britney Spears’s Circus

Yuri, HyunA & GaHee [Dance] – Britney Spears’s Womanizer

Feel free to leave any comments. :)

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  1. jade

    support Sistar! looking so sexy and fierce.

  2. Jake

    Have to admit, B.A.P’s video is the best I’ve seen this year.

  3. ginger

    i like all the videos posted, and 2NE1’s Scream. :D

  4. de al

    awesome new videos of 2012
    very thoughtfully made
    you see creativity, commitment and hard work

  5. aure

    :) good ‘review’

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