5 Jul ’12

Asian Movie Chart – July 2012

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No. 1. The Great Wudang (aka Wu Dang)

Pinyin: Da Wu Dang Zhi Tian Di Mi Ma

Chinese: 大武当之天地密码

Country: China

Language: Mandarin

Director: Patrick Leung, Corey Yuen (action)

Starring: Vincent Zhao, Yang Mi, Louis Fan

Release: 2012-7-6

Plot: The treasures of the great Wudang mountain are being stolen by bandits and explorers, the best Wudang students must strive to defend and save the mountain’s most precious artefacts. A martial arts tournament is held on top of the mountain to settle the score with Wudang’s enemies once and for all.


Source: Bendibao

No. 2. Umizaru 4: Brave Hearts (aka Brave Hearts Umizaru)

Mika (Riisa Naka) is a flight attendant on board an airplane scheduled to land at Haneda Airport. On the way to the airport the airplane’s engine starts to burn. In order to save the 346 people on board the airplane, sea marshal Daisuke Senzaki (Hideaki Ito) and his team are called into action.

No. 3. Two Moons (aka Doogaeui Dal)

“Two Moons” depicts two women and a man who find themselves in an isolated area without a way out. So Hee (Park Han Byul) is a horror story writer who holds a secret. Seok Ho (Kim Ji Seok) is a university student who suffers from an unidentified trauma, and he tries to uncover what that trauma is.

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