31 Jul ’12

Asian Movie Chart – August 2012

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No. 1. Windseeker (aka Ting Feng Zhe)

Pinyin: Ting Feng Zhe

Chinese: 听风者

Country: China

Language: Cantonese

Director: Felix Chong, Siu Fai Mak

Starring: Tony Leung, Zhou Xun, Mavis Fan

Release: 2012-8-10

Plot: Set in 1950’s Shanghai, China, after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. He Bing (Tony Leung Chiu Wai), the blind assistant to a piano tuner, is drafted into a spying mission due to his keen sense of hearing. His hearing is reported to be good enough to even hear the wind.


Source: AsianWiki

No. 2. I Am A King (aka Naneun Wangyirosoyida)

Before Grand Prince Chungnyeong becomes King Sejong the Great, he places a slave, who looks like him, in his throne and ventures outside of the palace walls. There Grand Prince Chungnyeong experiences the life of common people and society at large.

No. 3. Another

After a chain of deaths at a junior high school, new transfer student Koichi Sakakibara (Kento Yamazaki) turns to a mysterious girl (Ai Hashimoto) who holds the key to the dark mystery.

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