8 May ’12

The Avengers And Its K-pop Cast

The Avengers” smashed the domestic revenue record this weekend with an estimated $200.3 million debut at the box office. The film beat previous record-holder “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2”, which held the best opening weekend record with $169.2 million. In addition, the film added another $151.5 million from 52 overseas territories, rounding up a total of $641.8 million since its release.

‘Superhero fans have been waiting for “The Avengers” since “Iron Man” in 2008. Since then, all the films featuring Avengers have included hints and references to the characters’ upcoming collaboration. Some say what we’ve gotten is four years of commercials.’ – The Herald-Mail

‘A celebration of specialness, Joss Whedon’s slick blockbuster “The Avengers” presents what may be the ultimate team: half a dozen Marvel Comics superheroes for the price of one.’ – CNN

‘”The Avengers” is an impressive feat of cinematic engineering, a work of prodigious skill and efficiency that carries out its cartoonish mission while addressing graver concerns—the construction of a post-9/11 revenge fantasy that takes place against the backdrop of unpopular foreign wars.’ – The New Yorker

‘Of course they’ll be back, thanks to Hollywood’s obsession with sequels, especially those based on comic book heroes. Their return is guaranteed also because audiences have been eagerly anticipating this first all-hero extravaganza for years. The wait was worth it.’ – USA Today

‘”The Avengers” is just the beginning of a potentially record-shattering summer line-up, which includes anticipated superhero tales, “The Amazing Spider-Man” on July 3; and “The Dark Knight Rises”, which wraps up the current Batman series, on July 20.

Other upcoming summer blockbusters include “Men in Black 3,” “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” “Battleship,” “Total Recall” and “Prometheus,” as well as director Ridley Scott’s return to the sci-fi territory of his horror hit “Alien.’ – BallerStatus

For those who are interested in both superheroes and K-pop celebrities, here we present you a special K-pop cast of “The Avengers” picked by AllKpop. The title is: “K-pop Avengers”.

Kim Hyun Joong as Thor:

HyunA as Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow):

J.Y. Park as Tony Stark (Iron Man):

Taecyeon as Steve Rogers (Captain America):

Kim Jong Kook as Bruce Banner (The Hulk):

Minho as Hawkeye:

Jo Kwon as Agent Phil Coulson:

Teddy Riley as Nick Fury:

This is what the “K-pop Avengers” movie poster would be like.

What’s your pick for an Avengers cast?

Source: Allkpop

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  1. pally

    awesome film love all the superhero characters demand for a sequel ;)

  2. taz

    i totally agree. hyuna would make the character come alive. i can see the captain america spirit in taecyeon. but isnt jo kwon too young to be agent coulson?

  3. yiyi

    Gain should be Black Widow! :D :D

  4. Darío

    No no no ;(

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