12 Jul ’12

Venus In Furs (Korea): Movie Preview

Venus In Furs

Revised Romanization: Mopireul Ipeun Bineoseu

Hangul: 모피를 입은 비너스

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Director: Song Ye Sub

Writer: Leopold von Sacher Masoch

Starring: Seo Jung, Baek Hyun Jin, Moon Jong Won

Release: 2012-7-12

Genre: Erotic, thriller

Plot: Through a chance encounter, movie director Min Soo meets Joo Won. He becomes addicted to Joo Won’s sexual attraction. Joo Won asks Min Soo to stay with her and write a screenplay. Joo Won lives in an extravagant home that is closer to a castle than a typical house. Within the home a dwarf butler works, and the three live together. Min Soo becomes more addicted to Joo Won’s fatal charms and soon becomes drawn into the world of sadomasochism.


Source: AsianWiki

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  2. Linda

    I thought japan would be the first to make a movie on Venus in Furs. There seems to be more masochists in Japan I would presume

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