11 May ’12

The Scent (Korean): Movie Preview

The Scent (aka Man Waiting for Adultery)

Hangul: 간기남

Country: South Korea

Director: Kim Hyung Jun

Writer(s): Hwang Sung Goo

Starring: Park Si Yeon, Park Hee Soon, Joo Sang Wook

Release: 2012-4-11

Genre: Thriller

Plot: Detective Kang Sun Woo (Park Hee Soon), who moonlights as a private investigator, has a beautiful new client Kim Soo Jin (Park Si Yeon). Soo Jin asks the detective to take photos of her husband in the midst of having an affair with another woman. Detective Kang discovers that Soo Jin’s husband is already dead, and now he becomes a suspect. Kang is chased by detective Han Gil Ro (Joo Sang Wook) and he must now set out for the real killer.


Source: AsianWiki IMDB

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  1. pankei

    =O probably the sexiest asian film posters i’ve ever seen

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