24 Jun ’12

Miss Conspirator: Movie Preview

Miss Conspirator (aka Miss Go)

Revised Romanization: Misseu Go

Hangul: 미쓰 GO

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Director: Park Chul Kwan

Writer: Jung Bum Sik, Jung Sik, Choi Moon Suk

Starring: Ko Hyun Jung, Yu Hae Jin, Ko Chang Seok

Release: 2012-6-21

Distributor: Next Entertainment World

Plot: What happens when a disoriented woman with a grave social phobia loses something that belongs to one of the biggest organized crime gangs in Korea, and needs to get it back before a bullet strikes her head – Sheer chaos ensues and that is what evidently happens in this upcoming movie “Miss Conspirator.”


Source: AsianWiki

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    thats one hot poster!

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