8 Jun ’12

The Final Judgement: Movie Preview

The Final Judgement (aka Fuuinaru Jajjimento)

Japanese: ファイナル・ジャッジメント

Country: Japan

Director: Masaki Hamamoto

Writer: Ryuho Okawa (novel)

Starring: Kota Miura, Umali Thilakarathna, Ken Kaito

Release: 2012-6-2

Distributor: Nikkatsu

Plot: 26-year-old Shogo Washio (Kota Miura) sense danger from the expansion of Asian superpower nation Ouran. Shogo Washio teams up with Kenzo Nakagishi (Ken Kaito) and establishes a new political party. He loses in the elections to gain a seat in the house of representatives. A few years later Japan is now invaded by the country of Ouran and falls under the military occupation of that country. Basic freedoms like speech and religion are lost, while protestors are killed. In this environment, Shogo Washio joins the underground resistance organization ROLE.


Source: AsianWiki

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