8 Jun ’12

Black Dawn (Japan): Movie Preview

Black Dawn (aka Gaiji Keisatsu)

Japanese: 外事警察

Country: Japan

Director: Kentaro Horikirizono

Producer: Kei Kurube, Tatsuya Iwakura

Starring: Atsuro Watabe, Kim Kang-Woo, Yoko Maki

Release: 2012-6-2

Distributor: Toei

Plot: Japan falls into chaos after the earthquake in eastern Japan. The Japanese government then learns from the American CIA that uranium is being smuggled in Japan. The anti-terrorism investigators led by Kenji Sumimoto (Atsuro Watabe) attempt to uncover the truth by tracking the wife of a company president who is suspected of being the contact for the terrorists. An undercover Korean policeman (Kim Kang-Woo) helps the case.


Source: AsianWiki

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  1. ving

    sounds like a good film.

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