23 Jan ’12

Top Asian Movies – January 2012

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No. 1. Love On-Air (aka Wonderful Radio)

Hangul: 원더풀 라디오

Country: South Korea

Director: Kwon Chil In

Starring: Lee Min Jung, Lee Jung Jin, Lee Kwang Soo

Release: 2011-1-5

Genre: Drama

PlotJin A is the former leader of the idol group Purple, one of the first generation of girl groups in South Korea and also the most popular at that time. She now hosts the radio program “Wonderful Radio”, but the program suffers from low ratings. The show’s producer takes time off to give birth. Her replacement is Lee Jae Ik (Lee Jung Jin)…

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2. Robo-G (aka Robo Ji)

Prior to an exhibition for a small company of their new robot, the robot is destroyed. With only a week left employees decide to put a man in a robot suit and take the stage.

3. Turning Point 2 (aka Turning Point: Laughing Gor Returns)

Undercover cop Laughing (Michael Tse) enters prison to track inmate and corrupt cop Tai Chit (Chapman To). Laughing meets fellow prisoner Fok Tin Yam (Francis Ng), who is a former professor now imprisoned for drug dealing. Fok Tin Yam also seems interested in Tai Chit. Things become more complicated when Laughing encounters his old nemesis So Sing Pak (Bosco Wong).

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  1. sky

    Lee Min Jung is so cute.

  2. engbad

    Lee Min Jung is so cute, and Kwang Soo is funny, as always.

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