4 Apr ’12

Top Asian Movies – April 2012

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No. 1. Over My Dead Body (aka Sichega Dolawattda)

 Hangul: 시체가 돌아왔다

 Country: South Korea

 Director: Woo Sun-Ho

 Writer: Woo Sun-Ho

 Starring: Lee Beom-Soo, Ryoo Seung-Bum, Kim Ok-Bin

 Release: 2012-3-29

 Genre: Comedy

 Plot: Science researcher Hyun-Chul (Lee Beom-Soo) demonstrates with co-workers against the company president, who stole an important semiconductor chip and is attempting to flee to the United States. Meanwhile, the company president makes his escape from the protesters in an ambulance.


Source: AsianMediaWiki Wikipedia

No. 2. We Were There: Part 1 (aka Bokura Ga Ita Kouhen)

“We Were There” follows the 10-year romance between Motoharu Yano (Toma Ikuta) and Nanami Takahashi (Yuriko Yoshitaka). During their high school days, Motoharu was the most popular boy in school, but can’t get over the death of his girlfriend from a car crash. Nanami falls in love with Motoharu and must deals with his inability to let go of the past.

No. 3. A Simple Life (aka Tao Jie)

Inspired by a true story, “A Simple Life” tells about a heart-warming relationship between a young master of a big family, Roger (Andy Lau) and the servant of the family who raised him, Sister Peach (Deannie Yip).

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