4 Aug ’12

Holding Love (China): Movie Preview

Holding Love

Pinyin: Hold Zhu Ai

Chinese: Hold住爱

Country: China

Language: Mandarin

Director: Zhang Qi

Starring: Yang Mi, Hawick Lau, Chrissie Chau

Release: 2012-8-23

Genre: Comedy, romance

Plot: Zhou Jing and Yao Xiao Lei win a surprise honeymoon trip to Sanya just after having gone through a lighting divorce. They decide to go to Sanya together but enjoy the trip on their own. One night after getting drink, Yao Xiao Lei finds out that Zhou Jing has been kidnapped, and the kidnappers ask him for a large ransom.


Source: Bendibao

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    Yay, Chrissie Chau! :D :D

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