5 May ’12

Asian Movie Chart – May 2012

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No. 1. Eungyo (aka A Muse)

Hangul: 은교

Country: South Korea

Director: Chung Ji Woo

Writer(s): Chung Ji Woo (screenplay), Park Bum Shin (novel)

Starring: Kim Ko Eun, Kim Moo Yul, Park Hae Il

Release: 2012-4-25

Genre: Drama, romance

Plot: Lee Juk Yo, a 70ish year old man, is a respected poet. He cares fondly for his 30ish year old disciple Seo Ji Woo. The world of these two is shaken when 17-year-old high school student Han Eun Kyo comes into the picture, as their mind and sexual desires are awakened.


Source: AsianWiki Wikipedia

No. 2. Thermae Romae

In ancient Rome, architect Lucius (Hiroshi Abe) is too rigid in his ways and unable to keep up with the fast-changing times. Because of this, Lucius loses his job. A friend then takes Lucius to a bath house to cheer him up. There at the bath house, Lucius slips through a time portal and arrives at a bath house in present day Japan!

No. 3. Love In The Buff (aka Chun Giu Yu Chi Ming)

Six months after first meeting in an alleyway for smoke breaks, Cherie and Jimmy‘s relationship is on the ropes. Cherie breaks off their relationship and Jimmy heads off to Beijing on a job assignment. Cherie soon follows separately when she is hired to manage a cosmetics store in Beijing…

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  1. jade

    movie chart is back again! first of all, the second poster really doesnt look like japanese :P i’m more interested in the first film even tho not too much in the actors but the story plot sounds interesting

  2. James

    The Love in the Buff is good. It is better then the first part, the characters are not flat and it is very humurous.

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