31 May ’12

Busan International Motor Show 2

Continuing to the second part of Korea’s BIMOS 2012 event, we’ve got photos of more Korean race queens familiar to Red Flava readers: Lee Sung Hwa 이성화, Song Jina 송지나, Eun Bin Yang 은빈양 and Yook Ji Hye 육지혜; and of course, the more regularly featured: Heo Yun Mi 허윤미, Ju Da Ha 주다하 and Choi Byul I 최별이. Also known as Busan International Motor Show, BIMOS 2012 began on May 24th and will last until June 3rd. Enjoy these fabulous snapshots and, meanwhile, stay tuned for more hot pics of Korean race queens in different gorgeous outfits. (Jump to Part 1).

Ju Da Ha (Articles) (Profile)

Heo Yun Mi (Articles) (Profile)

Lee Sung Hwa (Articles) (Profile)

Yook Ji Hye (Articles) (Profile)

Eun Bin Yang (Articles) (Profile)

Song Jina (Articles) (Profile)

Choi Byul I (Articles) (Profile)

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  1. Mi

    heo yun mi ftw!!!

  2. tim

    heo yun mi yum yum!

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