9 May ’12

30 Cute Girls Who Look Like Dolls

This is a world of obsession. Asian culture, and indeed all cultures, are obsessed with beauty. Some people equate sexiness with beauty, while many others can’t resist the temptation of ‘cuteness’. Here is an idea of what the world of cuteness would be like. Sit back and enjoy the cutest party! ;)

1. Wang Jia Yun

Wang Jia Yun on Red Flava

2. Dakota Rose (aka KotaKoti)

3. Russian Barbie

4. Juliet Lin Ke Tong

Lin Ke Tong on Red Flava

5. Mu Ye Wu Ya

6. Hera Miao Miao (aka He Xiao Miao)

Hera Miao Miao on Red Flava

7. Yuko Ogura

Yuko Ogura on Red Flava

8. Coco Ren Li Meng

Ren Li Meng on Red Flava

9. Li Meng Tian (aka Shan Shan Maity)

Li Meng Tian on Red Flava

10. Venus Palermo (aka Venus Angelic)

11. Alodia Gosiengfiao

12. Nozomi Sasaki

Nozomi Sasaki on Red Flava

13. Angelababy (aka Angela Yeung Wing)

Angelababy on Red Flava

14. Jessica (aka Jung Soo Yeon)

Jessica on Red Flava

15. Doris Yan Yi

Yan Yi on Red Flava

16. Lily Cole

17. Seo You Jin

Seo You Jin on Red Flava

18. Isabella Yang Qi Han

Yang Qi Han on Red Flava

19. Barbie Diao Yang

Diao Yang on Red Flava

20. Cha Sun Hwa

Cha Sun Hwa on Red Flava

21. Huang Yi Lin

Huang Yi Lin on Red Flava

22. Beeboo Xu Liang Liang

Xu Liang Liang on Red Flava

23. Amanda Hua Jia

Hua Jia on Red Flava

24. Vivi Xia Xiao Wei

Xia Xiao Wei on Red Flava

25. Kitty Shi Zi Jia

Shi Zi Jia on Red Flava

26. Yoyiki Ye Zi Xuan

Ye Zi Xuan on Red Flava

27. Wang Yi

Wang Yi on Red Flava

28. Vanessa Sun Qian Ying (aka She She/Snake)

Sun Qian Ying on Red Flava

29. Shirley Pei Si Rao

Pei Si Rao on Red Flava

30. Qin Meng Qing

Qin Meng Qing on Red Flava

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Written by: Nia
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  1. rachel

    1. wang jia yun is a fake beauty (not really beautiful in the first place)
    2. cant stand dakota rose’s smile in photos
    3. who is that russian barbie with boxlike face?
    4. lin ke tong has some really horrible pics with horrible wigs
    5. hera miao is cute but she hardly shows a second expression
    6. most of the rest are ok if the photoshop skill is good
    7. nozomi sasaki is the best in that list if she poses right for the cam. <3

  2. Kayla

    all the girls have beautiful large eyes, obviously makeup enhances them and make them look better than they are

  3. angel

    <3 jessica always you light up my life

  4. Andrea siswanto

    Oh MY GOD..!! They are So CUTE..!! So Adorable..! can I pick it up..!! :)

  5. Dakota rose is not cute, she is just a normal girl I have a lot of friends (gaijin) that look like her, nothig special…

  6. known

    hey, do you know who they are:
    i found the photo from mgid, you know mgid, untrustable.

  7. creamie


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