25 Sep ’12

Body Paint Models At Chinese Auto Show

This is probably the first auto show in Mainland China with body painted models. It took place in Haikou, capital of Hainan Province last week. Organizers of the show called it “art”, but it has inevitably stirred criticism and debates among the public.

Earlier this year, rising hot model Gan Lu Lu 干露露 showed up at Beijing Auto Show in a rather revealing outfit, causing the media to remark that Chinese auto shows have become a “platform” for “breasts exihibition” 乳展. The scantily clad female models at Chengdu Auto Show even got the attention of the central government, complaining that things had gone out of control.

This September in Haikou, however, body paint has come to the attention of the Chinese media and mass netizens. Auto shows are now the stage for hot babes who are willing to show off their best assets in public, instead of automobile models and concept cars. A netizen sighs, “At least buyers purchase the cars in the end, but not the hot girls”.

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