15 Aug ’12

Asian Women – Before and After Surgery

Here are some before and after surgery photos of Asian women. Some of the celebrity images are still disputed by many as to whether they have really undergone surgery or not. Especially the photos of Angelababy, who denies having surgery.

Personally I think having surgery to fix something very different about you that impacts your life negatively is good. But when you are already considered beautiful in society, and you want to have surgery to perfect yourself and compete with others who you consider more beautiful, I think it’s not worth the risk. Especially after hearing all the horror stories about surgery going wrong; waking up in the middle of surgery, or having complications which negatively impact your life.

Do you think celebs having surgery has a bad influence on society because of the fact that the pursuit of trying to look perfect is impossible without it, and that many young girls might feel pressure to use all their money (or family’s money) to get surgery to feel better about themselves in society? Or do you think surgery is justified because it is completely to do with a person’s own pursuit of happiness, and their confidence and success will improve from it.

Would you have surgery if you had the money? Or are the risks of infection, injury or even death too high to consider it?

Comment below with your opinions or experience on surgery!

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  2. Zen

    The last two pics are from bk hospital right? I was thinking of going there to get my nose fixed.

  3. andrea wahyu siswanto

    That’s why the Asian Pornstar is always looks very beautiful..! :)

  4. syke

    There were a couple who look ok before.

  5. RoyFarrezhame Michael

    I went through so many “Dafuq???” moments over there…

  6. Zen

    It’s a cultural thing in china, girls have be pretty to increase their competiveness in the job market. That is what I heard from some Koreans.

  7. Darius Hawken

    Asian ladies also desire to be with white males due to the results of their children. Offspring from Caucasian males and Asian women is a good mix and are most of the time beautiful and will grow up to be beautiful. Asian women are well-liked for that strong ties they have with their children and being with white men will give them the assurance that their children will look great along with a bright future.

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