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7 May ’12

Hottest Asian Models In RF Archive Gallery

All the Asian models featured on Red Flava have worked very hard in their field, and it’s even harder to keep their spots at the top of the modelling and fashion business. This list of the models with the most Red Flava gallery views is compiled to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of all Asian models, also of those who didn’t make it to the chart. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our featured models for their wonderful photo shoots and videos, and we really appreciate the support we get from our new and old readers. Hope you enjoy the following pictures of Asian beauties and in the meantime, feel free to leave us any feedback via the comment box below. Have a nice day everyone! ;)

No. 1. Anri Sugihara

For more photos of Asian ModelsArchive Gallery Main Gallery

Anri Sugihara – Sexy Magazine Shots jgirls

Current Views: 41276 (locked)
Red Flava Page: Anri Sugihara
Archive Gallery Link: Album 67

No. 2. Jin Mei Xin

Current Views: 29710
Red Flava Page: Jin Mei Xin
Archive Gallery Link: Album 98

No. 3. Li Ying Zhi

Current Views: 25830
Red Flava Page: Li Ying Zhi
Archive Gallery Link: Album 7

No. 4. Risa Yoshiki

Current Views: 25829
Red Flava Page: Risa Yoshiki
Archive Gallery Link: Album 386

No. 5. Lin Ke Tong

Current Views: 24137
Red Flava Page: Lin Ke Tong
Archive Gallery Link: Album 86

No. 6. Zhang Wan You

Current Views: 22641
Red Flava Page: Zhang Wan You
Archive Gallery Link: Album 189

No. 7. Mikie Hara

Current Views: 21703
Red Flava Page: Mikie Hara
Archive Gallery Link: Album 146

No. 8. Zhou Wei Tong

Current Views: 21622
Red Flava Page: Zhou Wei Tong
Archive Gallery Link: Album 226

No. 9. Cha Sun Hwa

Current Views: 20479
Red Flava Page: Cha Sun Hwa
Archive Gallery Link: Album 352

No. 10. Aya Kiguchi

Current Views: 20174
Red Flava Page: Aya Kiguchi
Archive Gallery Link: Album 68

No. 11. Kim Ha Yul

Current Views: 20137
Red Flava Page: Kim Ha Yul
Archive Gallery Link: Album 241

No. 12. Shi Zi Jia

Current Views: 19694
Red Flava Page: Shi Zi Jia
Archive Gallery Link: Album 131

No. 13. Zhang Xin Yu

Current Views: 19258
Red Flava Page: Zhang Xin Yu
Archive Gallery Link: Album 59

No. 14. Yang Qi Han

Current Views: 19177
Red Flava Page: Yang Qi Han
Archive Gallery Link: Album 53

No. 15. Ryu Ji Hye

Current Views: 18479
Red Flava Page: Ryu Ji Hye
Archive Gallery Link: Album 242

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  1. ui

    rooting for anrichan, jin meixin and lin ketong =D

    well done guys!!

  2. kang

    never seen anyone so STUNNING like cha sun hwa before shes screaming hot from head to toe wow

  3. FUMIO


  4. she’s all very beautiful ladies-girls …

  5. FranKrsto

    My favorites are Jin Mei Xin, Kim Ha Yul and Mikie Hara.
    Incredible girls, sexy but also so cute and adorable.

  6. lingxui

    wawawawaw marai otong ngaceng

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