21 Dec ’12

Cute Teenage Girl – Hot Mai Shiranui Cosplayer

Back in September, we posted about this cute Internet babe from Thailand in one of our Hot Picks articles. Now we’ve got more hot pictures of this cute girl to share with our readers. According to some Chinese forums, including Mop 猫扑 where we got most of our pictures from, this 16-year-old girl is believed to be from Thailand; whereas other websites claim her nationality to be Vietnamese and Taiwanese.

Some netizens know this girl by the name of Lan Feng Huang, while others simply call her Mia or “Mai Shiranui Wannabe”. Some of the photos we’re sharing here have been disseminated via the Internet for a while now. this girl’s true identity and age have yet to be confirmed. If you like 16-year-old Mai Shiranui cosplayer Mia, or know anything about this young Asian babe, feel free to leave us a comment below.

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Source: Mop

More Photos Of Cute Mai Shiranui Cosplayer:

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  1. kyo

    she is cute.

  2. siaaali

    nice pics.

  3. UnknownFact



    The best mai shuranui.

    no have download links in this post and the Hot chrismas babe MIna?

    please put the links

  5. kairy

    from the style high possibility to be Thai or Taiwanese, but definitely not vietnamese (eyes line) nor japanese (teeth) LOL

  6. lir

    if she IS 16… then I feel pretty damn dirty enjoyin’ these.

  7. Die Hard Electric Light Orchestra Fan

    in some of her photos she reminds me of Azusa Yamamoto who is simply gorgeous!

  8. J-T

    She is a Taiwanese Model…

  9. ChaoSpectre

    She used to have a fairly active Facebook under the name Mia Teng.

    From what I’ve seen, she’s a model, dancer, singer, and cosplayer with a healthy modelling career after going to Shih Hsin University for an unspecified degree (they only offer four programs, so take your pick).

    The facebook has been taken down after a sex tape of hers surfaced.

    • Nia

      No wonder her Facebook link no longer works. Interesting about the sex tape scandal. I just remember her Chinese name is Deng Ting 邓婷. That should be helpful.

  10. tiger

    Very cute & beautiful. Does not look Thai & other posters have said she is Taiwanese which looks more probable.

  11. Chris

    I simply just fell in love!!!

  12. Chris

    I think she must be Taiwanese, her looks could be Thai, but likely with her poses in Taiwanese…

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