26 Sep ’12

Lin Chi-ling’s Lingerie Ad Gets Banned

Lin Chi-ling 林志玲, Taiwan’s supermodel-turned-actress, has recently done a 1-minute-and-18-seconds lingerie commercial with Cosmo Lady 都市丽人. This video has received over 320,000 views on the Internet within three days. However, Lin Chi-ling’s new ad has been banned by China Central Television (CCTV) for being “too sexy” and for fear that it may “increase crime rates”.

In the video, Lin Chi-ling confidently shows off her curvy figure with a 34C cup size. The top model moves her body smoothly like a professional dancer, biting her lip and exposing her cleavage and lace briefs at right moments. Famed for her elegant demeanour and physical attractiveness, Lin Chi-ling has often been referred to as “The First Face of Taiwan” by Taiwanese and mainland Chinese media.

This sexy new lingerie ad is among the numerous TV commercials Lin Chi-ling has done during her modelling career. While the supermodel’s manager has not been informed of the ban, the majority of mainland netizens disagree with CCTV’s decision. “How can this be “too sexy”?” netizens remarked. But one thing is for sure, sexy doesn’t mean naked, and maybe the vice versa is also true.

Lin Chi-ling’s latest lingerie ad with Cosmo Lady:

More screenshot of Lin Chi-ling’s Cosmo Lady ad:

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  1. Carlos

    lol increase crime rates

  2. From China

    “increase crime rates” is actually true in China. There are many sick men in China who completely lose their minds when they see beauties. The same goes for many women in China. You will understand this thoroughly when you have a chance to live in various parts of China especially outside of Beijing and other bigger cities.

  3. Mike

    Whats the big deal? It’s not like she lactated on anyone.

  4. Chio bu

    woot. I love the way chi ling shows her cleavage.

  5. HUNT3R

    There are sick people in China, y’ know

  6. HUNT3R

    But she in Taiwan not China, fuk u Chinese gorvenment :v

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