11 May ’12

Jay Chou Tops Forbes China Celeb List

Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou has overtaken Hong Kong megastar Andy Lau to top this year’s Forbes’ China Celebrity 100 list. With his RMB161.3 million earnings ($31.2 million) Jay Chou finally beat Andy Lau who is now in second place with earnings of RMB96.5 million ($18.8 million).

Adding to Jay Chou’s international influence, Sprite China has paired up NBA Star Kobe Bryant and Jay Chou for its 2011 Chinese marketing campaign. In February 2011, the two celebrities were featured in a basketball-themed song called “The Heaven and Earth Challenge”. The music video features Kobe and Jay battling with each other on the basketball court. As a new rising star in the international film industry, Jay Chou has taken on a role in “The Green Hornet” (Kato) previously played by Bruce Lee in the same year.

The list was initially published by Forbes China to rank the influence of Chinese celebrities born in Mainland China. Celebrities born in Hong Kong, Taiwan and abroad have been added since 2010. Several factors are taken into consideration in the rankings: income, media exposure and search engine hits. This year’s Top 5 Chinese celebrities are Jay Chou, Andy Lau, Fan Bing Bing, Faye Wong and Li Na. Here is a list of the 2012 Top 10 Chinese celebrities with their earnings included.

  • 1) Jay Chou (RMB161.3 million)
  • 2) Andy Lau (RMB96.5 million)
  • 3) Fan Bing Bing (RMB100.9 million)
  • 4) Faye Wong (RMB136.1 million)
  • 5) Li Na (RMB115.5 million)
  • 6) Zhao Ben Shan (RMB114.7 million)
  • 7) Jolin Tsai (RMB83.2 million)
  • 8 ) Yao Ming (RMB96.9 million)
  • 9) Jackie Chan (RMB96 million)
  • 10) Lin Chi Ling (RMB58.3 million)

The rest of the Top 20 Chinese celebrities include Eason Chan, Nicholas Tse, Yang Mi, Zhang Zi Yi, Jacky Cheung, Leehom Wang, Show Luo, Donnie Yen, Shu Qi and Li Bing Bing.

Source: XinMSN JayneStars

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