11 Jul ’12

Wonder Girls’ “Like Money” ft. Akon

Following the trend of comeback MVs this summer, Wonder Girls’ latest English digital single “Like Money”, featuring famous hip hop and R&B artist Akon, was officially released yesterday. The song has already topped several music charts in South Korea, its music video featuring five bionic women in their futuristic outfits. It is reported that Wonder Girls will perform along with Akon at the Green Groove Festival 2012 in Chungnam, Korea on July 21st and 22nd. Are you ready to check out Wonder Girls’s “Like Money” (ft. Akon) below?

Source: KpopStarz

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  1. XD

    ive been in love with two members of wonder girls ever since nobody

  2. RoyFarrezhame Michael

    This one might take me some time to get used to,still can’t let go of those “Like This” tune outta my head..-__-

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