7 May ’12

New Ranking Of Korean Girl Groups

For those interested in K-pop and girl groups, we’ve got a new ranking of Korean girl groups updated by Korean netizens from an online community board. The survey started in February and has attracted unexpected attention from K-pop fans. According to the result, unbeatable Girls’ Generation and 2NE1 remained at the top spots entitled “insurmountable 4D wall (on another level)”. Lingering at the level of popularity are T-ara, Kara and Wonder Girls, wowing their fans in both “Japan and Korea”.

Interestingly, two of my favourite girl groups f(x) and Brown Eyed Girls are surfacing at the low level for being popular only domestically, along with Miss A. With their successful comeback of the single “Alone”,   arose eventually joining in the level of “domestically popular”. Groups that occupy the rising popularity level include Girls’ Day, Nine Muses and A Pink. Dropping from the “High Class” level where Secret and After School still hold onto is 4minute, whose recent comeback proved unsuccessful.

Rainbow is currently at the lowest ranking with a sequence of unsuccessful domestic activities. While more and more Korean netizens are rooting for Nine Muses for their hot single “Ticket”, others deny the fact that some girl groups deserve their current ranking. So what’s your opinion on this? Do you have your own favourite girl group too? Do you have your personal rating for these groups? Or you don’t see the point of such a survey? Feel free to leave any comments.

Source: Allkpop News

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  1. siaaali

    love love GG

    hope they always stay on top :D

  2. bg

    i thought t-ara and after school were doing pretty good :( how disappointing~~

  3. mkkk

    Have a little faith! nine muses is climbing to the top.definitely one to look out for.

  4. highfive

    support Tara and their amazing mv I Go Crazy Because Of You

  5. i

    like 2NE1’s songs, but not their videos sorry

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