8 Jun ’12

Rookie Boy Band Cross Gene’s Debut

Multi-national rookie boy band Cross Gene has finally made their debut with their title track “La-Di Da-Di” this Thursday, June 7th. Cross Gene consists of three Korean members, Sangmin, Yongsuk and Shin; two Chinese members, Casper and J.G.; and one Japanese member who is also the leader of the group, Takuya. Member Casper told the media after a performance, “We will work hard in Korea. We want to be Asia’s No. 1 and we want to go on world tours later on as well”.

Produced by Universal Music and Amuse, Cross Gene has made quite an impression with their unique dance style, energy and passion for the group’s future. The name “Cross Gene” means “cross the superior genes of each country to create one perfect group”. The producers hope that Cross Gene will become the new pop star representatives of Asia.

Cross Gene held their debut showcase at the AX-Hall yesterday, kicking off the show with their title track “La-Di Da-Di” before going on to perform other tracks such as “Sky High”, “For This Love” and “My Lady”. Now check out Cross Gene’s debut MV “La-Di Da-Di” below.

Source: Allkpop Soompi

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    their dance style actually looks quite cool especially towards the end

    would be fun to learn :P

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