23 Jun ’12

After School’s Sexy Video “Flashback”

This is definitely one of the sexiest music videos released in South Korea this summer. This is After School’s comeback MV “Flashback”! Released on June 19th and having received 1,267,115 views on YouTube already, After School has again become the center of attention in the music and showbiz industry. The girl group has proceeded their promotions for “Flashback” without former leader Kahi, and the title track “Flashback” has already topped all the major music charts in Korea less than a day. So far, After School has made successful performances on popular Korean TV programs “M! Countdown” and “Music Bank”. The following video is the official release for After School’s comeback single “Flashback”. Check it out and see for yourself!

Source: AllKpop

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Written by: Nia
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  1. riley

    they all look like new members to me :P lol except for UEE of course haha

  2. ui

    sooooo sexy omg

  3. RoyFarrezhame Michael

    Awwwyeeeaa!! Way to go Pledis!

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