14 May ’12

Nicholas Tse Guest Stars On ANTM C18

It has surprised many fans that Nicholas Tse has appeared as a guest star on America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 18 (British Invasion). Titled “America’s Next Top Model: Nicholas Tse”, episode 10 is summarized as follows:

‘The models visit Hong Kong and are challenged with having to learn a fight sequence and act in a scene with Nicholas Tse, international actor and pop star. The pressure is on as the women have to pose while harnessed atop a high-rise tower in extreme rain and wind. Kelly Cutrone and Nigel Barker join guest judge Nicholas Tse as well as Tyra Banks on the judges’ panel for elimination.’

Nicholas Tse was first introduced by runway trainer J. Alexander as “one of the hottest new movie stars in Asia”. Contestant Sophie remarked: ‘He’s like Brad Pitt, he is huge’. On the judges’ panel, Tyra Banks said to the models: ‘I’m light-headed, and I don’t know if it’s because of the heights that you guys went to, or because Nic is so damn fine’.

Regarding Nicholas Tse’s appearance in America’s Next Top Model, here are some of the comments from America’s Next Top Model Fan Page on Facebook.

  • ‘HE IS SO FINE!!! LOVE HIS ACTING!!!! “The Promise”, “2002”.’
  • ‘I don’t think he’s gonna choose who did best in the challenge, he’d just pick who he thought would be the best looking girl for his MV. Don’t get me wrong, I like Laura too. She, Sophie and Annaliese are my top three.’
  • ‘Wow Nicholas Tse is in ANTM!!!! He is super cool!!!’
  • ‘Nicholas Tse is so gorgeous ~ Luv this episode.’
  • ‘Alisha did better than Laura. I don’t know why Nicholas chose Laura over her. That’s the reason she quits.’

While many agree that contestant Laura (see picture above) has done a good job this week, others appear to disagree with Nicholas Tse’s decision for the winner of the challenge, because the model happened to be his training partner (for having the best photo last week). One of the contestants even made a careless remark that Laura has “flirted” her way to the top which inadvertently hurt the girl’s feelings. Despite all that, the ultimate decision was made and sadly two models left the competition in one episode. This is what reality shows are all about, drama, and more drama!

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  1. Kaylee

    Laura is beautiful

    i support Laura and Sophie theyre my top 2

    they both have gorgeous hair

    either of them win i’d be happy :D

  2. kang

    laura is sexier thats what they want simple as that

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