2 Oct ’12

Zhang You – Nude For The Apocalypse

Chinese “Breast Goddess” Zhang You 张优, aka Ayoyo, has lately shared a set of half-naked pictures of herself in front of the mirror. The highly popular Internet babe claimed that she firmly believed in the apocalypse in the year 2012, hence her decision of her nude photos to seek a sense of “carnival” and “freedom”. According to Zhang You’s own handwriting, the model was hoping that everyone would remember her before the apocalypse happens. Along with her nude photos, Zhang You took a picture of her “Apocalypse Manifesto” 末日宣言, signed by herself. This set of Zhang You’s topless pictures have been circulated all over the Chinese Internet since last month. While some did not seem to believe the reason behind her action, most netizens supported Zhang You’s wish to “free” herself.

Not long after her sensational nude photos, Zhang You has again confidently showed off her assets in a half-nude wet bath shoot, but only this time to cheer for the Chinese Olympic team and hoping for “renascence” 末日重生. In each topless photo in the set, it wrote Chinese athletes’ names on her breasts and lower body including Sun Yang 孙杨 (the first Chinese man ever to win an Olympic gold medal in swimming), Liu Xiang 刘翔 (Olympic gold medallist and world champion in 110-meter hurdles) and Lin Dan 林丹 (two-time Olympic champion, four-time world champion, and five-time All England Open Badminton champion).

Now you have read the story and seen Zhang You’s bold naked pictures, what is your opinion on this piece of gossip? Is it just another case of viral marketing or like what Zhang You herself says, a way of “seeking freedom”? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below!

Download the full set below!

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  1. chunqi

    omg she is certainly BOLD

  2. potoblur

    i can’t hold it any longer….,,


  3. Solo

    What a tease.

  4. fapfapfap

    lol, apocalypse 2012 ??

    i think her brain much more smaller than her boobs

    anyway, fap again

  5. kyo

    mm bold is all i can say

  6. marian

    u are saw amazing…

  7. kyrin

    omg, my girl… can i get her phone numb,….nice boob

  8. Anonymous

    very beautiful eish sexy

  9. jinghpaw star Boy

    woo. woo……
    grai tsawm ai .. wan sa ai … gumtawng sha ngun ai ..

  10. Cm Goth

    the perfect example of native chinese beauty

  11. Anonymous

    Wow! Need more!

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