17 May ’12

Fan Bing Bing Impresses At Cannes

The 65th Cannes Film Festival kicked off last night with the premiere of director Wes Anderson‘s “Moonrise Kingdom”. In an exquisite Christopher Bu 卜柯文 strapless gown, Chinese actress and singer Fan Bing Bing 范冰冰 arrived on the red carpet for its opening ceremony. The ivory embroidered gown designed by Tony Studio designer Christopher Bu (aka Chris Bu Ke Wen) has yet impressed again by its unique traditional design and the meaning behind it. According to Bu, his inspiration for the gown came from the ivory traditional Chinese dresses in the Qing Dynasty. The beautiful gown has embroideries that tell the stories of the Four Great Beauties in the ancient China. To complete the look, Fan Bing Bing has adopted a hairstyle which has symbolic meanings to the noble women in the Tang dynasty.

Designer Bu has spent a year and a half making this fabulous gown with a cost of around a hundred thousand yuan. Bu revealed that they actually had a hard time making a decision for Fan Bing Bing to wear the dress for the red carpet event. The gown was sent to Fan Bing Bing only two hours before the opening ceremony. This is not the first time Bu has designed gowns for Red Carpet occasions. Judging from the media’s reaction to Fan Bing Bing’s reappearance at the 2012 Cannes event, the actress has certainly pulled off a fantastic red carpet look once again.

Source: NetEase

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  1. Jake

    Beautiful, and unique. I like it.

  2. xue

    proud of china

  3. Annabel

    i do like the dress and the hairstyle

    even though i cant read the meaning ^^

  4. kyo

    great event! love all those three dresses at the last pic ;) especially the first one so impressive

  5. pinkfloyd

    Isn’t that Eva Mendes? BingBing shined over Eva clearly.

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