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23 Dec ’12

Hot Christmas Babe – Lin Ke Tong

Hot Christmas Babe 23.12. 2012:

Lin Ke Tong

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Written by: Nia
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  1. pally

    omg i love her so much

  2. Nuno

    blonde wigs not bad on her.

  3. miazon

    always looking forward to her christmas pics. thanks for sharing redflava

  4. debD

    how old is she?? 14-15??

  5. tiger

    Robot/doll look does nothing for me!

  6. J

    what happened to her boobs? i-i
    they look so small!

    • I

      Its the black costume that hides her curves :D

      Anyway, lin ke tong usually hide her height with angles when she’s in this similar “cute-internet-babe photo sets”. To make her fans feel they are at the same height with her i think. She now show her tall figure too on her cute photo sets, and i think this is better :)

  7. bubblegum

    dont usually like blonde but this looks great on lin ke tong

  8. t

    এসিয়া -তে এতো সুন্দর মহিলা আছে?
    Esiya – beautiful women I have on?

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