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29 Jun ’12

Wang Wan Wan – Sexy Swimwear

Gorgeous Beijing model Wang Wan Wan 王丸丸 has recently produced a series of exceptionally hot swimwear shoots with Guangzhou photographer Zhang Yong Zhao 张永钊. In the Chinese modelling industry, Wang Wan Wan is better known for her sexy lingerie promo photos. So if you like these fabulous beach pics, don’t forget to have a look at some of Wang Wan Wan’s old pictures in the second gallery link followed below. ;)

Wang Wan Wan’s Red Flava links: Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Articles Profile

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  1. winson

    wow so many hot pics! loving them! :D

  2. taz

    she has a great body

  3. RoyFarrezhame Michael

    Great set..

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