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14 Aug ’12

Wang Wan Wan – Lingerie Promo 1

Popular lingerie model Queenie Wang Wan Wan 王丸丸 has been shooting more lingerie photo shoots lately, some of which we’re going to share with you in today’s photo updates. Born on October 26th, 1989, Wang Wan Wan is a hot model, actress and TV hostess from Beijing, China. Now check out the first part of Wang Wan Wan’s lingerie updates!

Wang Wan Wan’s Red Flava links: Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Articles Profile

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  1. zaci

    wanna buy all those lingerie

  2. jalapeno

    God! She’s so beautiful… but why did they put such god-awful underwear on her? Except for the top photo anyway.

  3. Risa Yoshiki

    ooh! nice boobs but still i have bigger jucier boobs.
    Who wants to seduce with me? My name’s risa Yoshiki!!! :P

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