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22 May ’12

Wang Jia Yun – Cute Photo Update

Hong Kong student Wang Jia Yun 王嘉韻, aka Reene Yun, is a popular girl on the Internet due to her adorable photoshopped snapshots of herself. Dubbed the “Real-Life Barbie” and “blow-up doll” 充气娃娃, Wang Jia Yun continues to take pictures of herself and edit them to resemble a popular blow-up doll brand in South Korea. In this post we’re sharing with you Wang Jia Yun’s latest cute snapshots again like we always do. If you’re interested in Hong Kong girl Wang Jia Yun, you can read more about her in the Articles link below.

Wang Jia Yun’s Red Flava links: Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Articles Profile

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  1. will

    adorable as usual
    take more pls :P

  2. RoyFarrezhame Michael

    And i was like “Seriuosly???”

  3. Britney drew


  4. Rex

    So cute like real life doll can send me the complete pictures to me?

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