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18 Apr ’12

Sun Xin Ya – Fabulous Beachwear

Cynthia Sun Xin Ya 孙心娅 modelling fabulous beachwear in this article. Formerly known as Sun Yi Fei 孙艺菲, Sun Xin Ya is another Chinese model who has changed her name recently. Do you like Chinese girl Sun Xin Ya and her new photos here?

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  1. qiana

    too skinny ><

  2. Ty

    Yeah, Chinese girls have the flattest asses I have ever seen, almost non-existent. Are there any Chinese models with a nice and round ass?

    • sep

      i dont think so.theyre thinner doesnt mean they dont have asses

    • ps

      pan shuang shuang? eva cai? they dont show it often but some chinese models do have very nice asses.

    • James

      How would you know that?? All of the shoots where from the front. But there are a few Asians with a nice ass and got curves. Sun Xi Ya is a nice looking and exotic model that what makes her hot.

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