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9 Apr ’12

Shi Zi Jia – Adorable Snapshots

A picture update on adorable Shi Zi Jia 诗梓佳 (aka Kitty Shi) finally! Although we’ve only got one photo shoot here, the cute self-taken snapshots will hopefully make it up for anyone who likes Chinese girl Shi Zi Jia. :P Let us know if you like the model and her new pics.

Shi Zi Jia’s Red Flava links: Gallery Articles Profile

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  1. lynn

    very cute
    i like her fashion style

  2. Chris

    She’s got the biggest forehead I have ever seen! Scary.

  3. nihongimiix

    Always a pleasure to see photos from Kitty!! I for one think she’s gorgeous, buy my friends say she looks too fake! e_e

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