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25 Jun ’12

Sexy Football Babe For Germany

This week we came across a new football babe from China, Yi Yan 伊彦, who is currently based in Beijing. Yi Yan has just finished a half-nude Euro-2012-themed photo shoot last week, dedicated to the Germany Football Team. We hope you’ll enjoy viewing football babe Yi Yan’s hot photos here, and meanwhile, we’ll continue to dig out more football-themed photo shoots for Euro 2012! ;)

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Written by: Nia
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  1. sean

    yes we need to see more photoshoots like this ;)

  2. archie11

    nice slim body

  3. cenggur

    damn…my pant goes wet!! XD

  4. john

    nia, why you don’t posting nude photos?

    • Nia

      Because the models we feature don’t do fully naked photo shoots. Completely nude photos are considered porn, unfortunately we don’t post about porn stars. There aren’t many famous and popular porn stars from China and South Korea. In fact, pornography is banned in China.

  5. john

    i mean completely nude

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