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8 Jun ’12

Qiu Xiao Chan – New Flower Babe

Who is this new girl “Qiu Xiao Chan” in this post? If you remember Nanjing model Chaney Chen Ni 晨妮 or her former name Qiu Chen 邱晨, that’s the right face you’re searching for. That is to say, model Chen Ni has finally unveiled her real name, which is Qiu Xiao Chan 邱箫婵. Although the flower babe shots below don’t look quite like the model, we’re pretty sure that we’re not making a mistake here. To find out more about Chen Ni/Qiu Xiao Chan, simply click the Profile link provided below. :)

Qiu Xiao Chan’s Red Flava links: Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Articles Profile

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  1. pankei

    still very beautiful
    i like chen ni’s old pics ^^

  2. koon

    dint u girls wear bra

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