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12 Feb ’12

Jin Mei Xin – Hot Sets & Snapshots

First of all, we found out that Olwen Jin Mei Xin 金美辛 was the mysterious “May”, the missing month in our previous 2012 Calendar post. Her Chinese costume is fabulous. Too bad we don’t have the whole set yet, but we’ve got other missing photos of Jin Mei Xin to share here. ;)

More Photos Of Jin Mei Xin Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

The beach photos of Jin Mei Xin in green bikini are actually snapshots taken during the model’s holiday in beautiful Sanya, the southernmost city in China. Sanya is beautiful, so is the model and her smile. Enjoy Jin Mei Xin’s new pictures. In the meantime, more recent photo shoots of Jin Mei Xin can be found in her Red Flava link as usual. Click here for Jin Mei Xin’s statistics and old photo collection.

Li Ying Zhi (right)

More Photos Of Jin Mei Xin Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. 741

    jin mei xin is officially my favorite chinese girl now
    her beauty and hotness is indescribable
    keep her photos coming plss
    much appreciated

  2. brian

    more than amazing!

  3. Matt

    Why do asian women all have flat asses?

    • young

      im not sure about that…

    • James

      It is in the genes and what their ancestors believe in what is beautiful in woman. They develop that “ass-et”, haha had to do that, through breeding to what they thought was beautiful. I would like to see more mixed Asians they’re hotter than Asians. Especially mixed with Hispanic or Black, where they can get the figure.

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