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9 Mar ’12

He Xiao Miao – Cute Fashion Pics

He Xiao Miao 何小苗, aka Hera Miao Miao 苗苗, has released a few new fashion sets, which we’re glad to share with you in this article. Born on October 2nd, 1988, He Xiao Miao is a popular Chinese Internet celebrity and student from Beijing. Take a look at He Xiao Miao’s new pics! :D

More Photos Of He Xiao Miao Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

You can read more about Chinese girl He Xiao Miao in this previous post. In the meantime, He Xiao Miao’s Red Flava page can be found in this link. :)

More Photos Of He Xiao Miao Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. olol

    sooo cute :)

  2. tee

    this girl should take more professional photoshoots i bet she’d do great.

  3. Aaron

    A couple of big fashion mistakes…those glasses are not cute. The look only works if you are sexy, not geeky. And why are the glasses missing the lenses?? Lol, now it just seems weird. And second, the old school batman logo with glitter?? What the hell? Sigh, Chinese girls all dress like 2 year olds, is this a cultural thing?

    • Nia

      For some reason, those glasses are very popular in the current Chinese market. They’re probably aimed at people who want to (but don’t need to) wear glasses to look cool or just try them out for the feeling. Black ones are most popular, there are red and other colors too. About the batman logo, T-shirts in China always have random designs; the most funny ones are usually Engrish logos which you can actually find in a lot of Asian countries like Japan and South Korea. We posted about Engrish before in our Funny category. I think girls nowadays tend to make themselves look younger the older they grow. Isn’t it a universal trend? Especially in recent years with the help and influence of the Internet.

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