24 Jan ’11

Ye Zi Xuan – Most Beautiful Game Girl

Ye Zi Xuan 叶梓萱, also known as Yoyiki.Una, is a 21-year-old cute and popular Asian model, online beauty and game girl from Shanghai, China. Born on November 14th, 1989, Ye Zi Xuan became known on the Internet due to the “ChinaJoy Stolen Kiss Gate” (video at the bottom) when a stranger gave Ye Zi Zuan a quick kiss and quickly ran away from the ChinaJoy platform. Ye Zi Xuan is also dubbed the “Most Beautiful Showgirl” during the 2010 ChinaJoy event by Chinese netizens.

More Photos Of Ye Zi Xuan Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Ye Zi Xuan Info

Other Name(s): Ye Zixuan, Yoyiki.Una
Origin: Shanghai, China
Born: 14 November, 1989
Height: 171cm
Weight: 43kg
Measurements: 33-22-33
Occupation: model, student

More Photos Of Ye Zi Xuan Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Ye Zi Xuan’s “ChinaJoy Stolen Kiss Gate” Video:

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  1. She looks really beautiful in some pictures, but not in the video. Was she pissed off? :P

  2. coolkid


  3. FreezinMonkey

    that fool in white mess it up for everyone. he sneak-kiss her, so she was piss that whole time…

    LMAO he pull a “what’s that over there?” and went for that kiss haha i wonder if the security guards got him or not?

  4. This Girl Looks Sick And Not In A Good Way

    Frankenface and Photoshop are so common these days that we are indifferent when something like a “Most Beautiful Game Girl11111!!111” comes up on the internet looking like a coke whore with a horrible eating disorder, no doubt at a very early stage of her street walking career. And aside from her game booth shots and Sega promo, there’s no picture of her ever touching a game controller. So does this chick even game at all? Don’t they at least have to play 1 game, DDR or non finger oriented game as it may be, to at least be certified a “game girl”? Or do people go by a different set of standards in China? Help me out here.

    • Jake

      isnt it obvious that game girl here means girl who promotes games by taking photoshoots and attending game related events? think thats a name her internet fans give her and she does play some games anyway.

    • Will

      Holy Insecure Jealous. i know this post is super old but wow. way to totally judge a person the wrong way. a funny little fact is some people are actually that skinny. i’ve met chicks with her figure that eat a ton and don’t take any drugs. again, i know this is old but i feel like giving my 2 cents

    • Kiyomi

      Jealous Fat-Chick Alert….

  5. some guy

    too bad shes stupid

  6. She is soooo smokin HOT!

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