20 Jan ’11

Xiao Lei – Talented Music Producer

Xiao Lei 肖蕾 is a pretty and talented Chinese model and music producer from Dalian, Liaoning Province. Xiao Lei is currently based in Beijing, China. At the age of four, Xiao Lei started to learn piano and fell in love with music. Besides modelling and doing music, Xiao Lei is also keen on hip-hop dance and jazz dance.

More Photos Of Xiao Lei Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Xiao Lei Info

Origin: Dalian, China
Born: 28 March
Height: 160cm
Weight: 39kg
Blood Type: B
Occupation: model, music producer

More Photos Of Xiao Lei Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Another hot model with cool photos. :) Xiao Lei seems quite creative. I really adore her red hair and the sexy stripey outfit. She looks like a cute elf in one of the pictures. Her energy and spirit remind me of Avril Lavigne. I hope I can see Asian or Chinese version of Avril Lavigne. ^_^

  2. kojv

    Sexy, she has beautiful piercing eyes.

  3. beorik

    short and big.

  4. pueal

    The model’s alright, a bit short yeah.

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