11 Feb ’11

Sun Yi Fei – Pretty Chinese babe

Sun Yi Fei 孙艺菲 (aka Cynthia Sun Xin Ya 孙心娅) is a pretty and hot Chinese model and actress who is currently based in Beijing, China. Also known as Babydoll, Sun Yi Fei has participated in quite a few modelling competitions and beauty contests. Sun Yi Fei has also appeared in various Chinese TV commercials and music videos.

More Photos Of Sun Yi Fei Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Sun Yi Fei Info

Other Name(s): Sun Yifei, Babydoll
Origin: China
Born: 16 January
Height: 170cm
Weight: 44kg
Measurements: 31-24-32
Occupation: model, actress

More Photos Of Sun Yi Fei Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Nice girl, looking sweet and kind.

  2. jian yu

    fabulous hot hot hot.

  3. tyler

    stunning face, fragile body…..

  4. Hot photoshoots! They complete a full story. The photographer’s really good at doing this type of style. More photos like this please. :)

  5. Fragile body, but managing to hold up that TV, I wonder if its as heavy as mine.

  6. huli

    The first picture is perfect, perfect angle, perfect colour, perfect body and everything

  7. ucxx

    very artistic shoots, good job!

  8. Chris

    Agree… she is perfect in all aspects!!!

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