22 Jan ’11

Eva Cai – Smoking Hot Beijing Interpreter

Eva Cai is a stunning and smoking hot Asian model, Internet celebrity and interpreter based in Beijing, China. Unlike many other Chinese models, Eva Cai is better known by her English name in the Chinese modelling industry. Eva Cai has a height of 177cm (5’9”) and graduated from the Communication University of China.

More Photos Of Eva Cai Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

Eva Cai Info

Origin: Beijing, China
Height: 177cm
Occupation: model, interpreter

More Photos Of Eva Cai Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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Written by: Nia
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Nia, Redflava Writer.


  1. Eva Cai is drop dead gorgeous! :D She reminds me of several people, Maggie Q, Michelle Reis, Gigi Lai and Jenna Wang. They are all stunning and hot.

  2. Oni

    She strongly resembles Maggie Q in some pics. I bet it’s plastic surgery.

  3. SURE NOT 1.77m?i nv heard of any asia model so tall..wa imagine can just have a happy session with her,she is tall but yey have the assets and looks cheap in her early photos.yet never heard of her,china has too many underated models..

    • Nia

      Hm personally I don’t think she’s exactly 177cm, because models always tend to say they’re taller than what their actual heights are (possibly a requirement from their agency). But her profile says so, that’s where I took the height from.

      Agreed. A lot of Chinese models haven’t made it to the international modelling industry. Usually they need to do catwalk as well to get enough international attention. Most of the Chinese models we have in our gallery don’t do catwalk, especially not big ones in the country.

  4. ya i agree with nia 177cm is too gd to be true for asian models,At most 175cm..

    • Nia

      That said, there are quite a few Chinese models who are taller than 177cm. For instance, Eileen Zhang Zi Lin 张梓琳 (182cm, crowned Miss World 2007), Jennifer Du Juan 杜鹃 (179cm), Lv Yan 吕燕 (178cm), Xie Dong Na 谢东娜 (178cm), etc. :)

  5. Ziad

    Hi Eva

    Ill be in Beijing by the end of the month for an exhibition, ill need an Escort/Translator to be with me for around 10 days to show me around help me with the language and show me a good time


  6. Krunal

    I’ll be in Beijing on 8th June. Contact me with your rates

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