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9 Feb ’11

Cha Sun Hwa – Three Cute Photo Sets

We have just introduced adorable Korean babe Cha Sun Hwa 차선화 a few days ago. Today we have some new pictures of Cha Sun Hwa which we haven’t posted before. Cha Sun Hwa is also known as Cha Seon Hwa. She has a series of cute school girl photos, some of which we’ll share with you in this article.

More Photos Of Cha Sun Hwa Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

In the first photo shoot, Cha Sun Hwa dons a white and orange polka dot dress with a pair of small bunny ears. Whereas in the other two sets, Cha Sun Hwa is dressed in a summer school uniform and a warm winter school girl outfit.

We also have part of the second set in our previous post of Cha Sun Hwa. If you like this cute Korean babe and her photo shoots, don’t forget to check out more stunning photos of Cha Sun Hwa in this link. You can also bookmark and follow Cha Sun Hwa’s Red Flava page for more articles and photo sets.

More Photos Of Cha Sun Hwa Can Be Found At: Red Flava Gallery

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  1. Alexandria

    She’s pretty but wearing shoes with ankle straps are a mistake when your legs are as short as hers.

  2. Cha Sun Hwa has this exotic and attractive look that makes you curious about her. :)

  3. Stunning! I’ve got no complaints.

  4. Robert

    I see Cha Sun Hwa for first time, but she definitely looks great, not really like Korean, but more like Thai model.

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